More music gets played on YouTube than all other streaming services combined

More music is played on YouTube than Spotify, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms combined, according to new stats from the IFPI’s 2017 Global Music Report.

The IFPI reckon 46% of all music streamed world-wide (excluding China) last year was through YouTube.

Even as paid streaming services continue to grow, YouTube still rakes in more streams than all streaming services combined.

Another notable statistic is that paid subscription services accounted for 23% of streamed music, while free subscription services accounted for a measly 22%.

This of course means that, if combined, streaming services are responsible for 45% of total streams.

The remaining 9% is home to other miscellaneous video services like Vevo and Vimeo.

The statistics were gathered through examining the internet use of people (mostly aged 16 – 64) in the worlds leading music economies… including Australia, Germany, Japan, The UK, Sweden, and The USA.

So, while paid streaming services are still on the up, it looks like the majority of streams are being done for free.

I guess people still really dig their music videos.

Via Music Business Worldwide