NazTheMoon shares her playlist of inspirations

Fresh off the release of her new single Crimson, NazTheMoon shares a playlist of tracks that inform her artistry. 

NazTheMoon forged her own sonic trajectory with recent single Crimson.

A melodic slice of post-hardcore rock brimming with dark spacious grooves and the off-kilter harmonies of Naz’s vocals, the track pays homage to the Memphis musician’s influences while still feeling altogether unique. 

NazTheMoon single 'Crimson'

Like any great artist, NazTheMoon knows she stands on the shoulders of giants. Below, the alt-rocker swing by Happy Mag to share her playlist of inspirations, from the one act that first inspired her to pick up a guitar to the band who “truly pushed me to continue my music journey.”

Catch NazTheMoon’s full playlist below, and scroll down to listen to her new single Crimson.  

Treading Water – Glass Heart

I feel like this song is one that has heavily influenced my newest release. Glass Heart is a band I look up to musically, their sound is something so beautiful and–in my opinion–unique.

When I heard this song I thought, “I want to create something like this.” So, I picked up my guitar and did it. I love this song, the lyrics and the music are perfect. The entire band is very, very talented and I look up to them a lot.

Still Dreaming – Dream State

Dream State is another band I really look up to musically & lyrically. This song is one I feel I can relate to because it is all about not giving up on your dreams.

This is one of the songs that truly pushed me to continue my music journey despite my anxiety, I love it.

Little by Little – As December Falls

This is such a fun song that I can’t help but love. This band is so amazing, and Beth–the lead vocalist–has such a unique voice. I aspire to have the same energy she has when it comes to her music and stage presence.

Milk – Princess Liv

Liv is an artist who really inspired me to keep post covers and pursue my musical journey.

Seeing her variety of genres, her amazing lyrics, and hearing her voice truly spoke to me in some amazing way and made me feel like I just had to go on. This song is so beautiful, and I just need everyone to hear it.