Jaguar Jonze shares new EP and short film ‘victim impact statement’

“The victim impact statement EP and short film was written as a gift to myself,” Jaguar Jonze said of her poignant new project

Jaguar Jonze has today (February 23) released her new EP victim impact statement, accompanied by a self-directed short film.

The three-track project arrives amid Jonze’ continuing advocacy for the #MeToo movement in Australia, and sees the singer-songwriter reflect on her time spent championing equality and denouncing assault in the music industry.

Jaguar Jonze EP 'victim impact statement'
Credit: Dusky Jones

Each of the songs on victim impact statement were written, recorded and mixed by Jonze herself, from the stripped back melodies of whiplash to the layered production of nothing left.

The former track sees Jonze wrestle with the grief of confronting her abusers, while the latter conveys her despondency amid a world that opposes her activism. Jonze finalises her thoughts on full stop, a message of triumph as she returns to her craft. 

victim impact statement is accompanied by a short film of the same name, directed by Jonze and encapsulating her journey over the last five years.

Jaguar Jonze EP 'victim impact statement'
Credit: Karlo Bilic

The film features moments of wistfulness and provocation, chronicling the artist’s years-long ordeal and quest to reimagine her own craft.

Speaking of the EP and film in a press statement, Jonze said victim impact statement was “was written as a gift to myself; to return my voice and own my body.” 

“I am not the sexual assault I never consented to,” Jonze added, referring to her 2019 allegations of assault by two music producers in Brisbane.

“I am no longer the story. I am one of you. I am an artist that needs the freedom to connect and create again.” The project marks a shift in sound for Jonze, whose 2022 debut album BUNNY MODE made waves with its dark-pop bent and was featured among Happy’s best albums of that year.

Among other advocacy efforts, Jonze was crucial in the establishment of the Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces, a parliamentary body seeking employee safety and wellbeing in the arts industries.

“I think one of my most fulfilling moments of 2020 was pushing the MeToo stuff,” Jonze said in an interview with Happy Mag

“Hopefully that’s able to push and shed light on, and start little fires everywhere so that it could actually just spark a change. Fingers crossed, just gotta keep pushing those balls, I guess.”  

Listen to Jaguar Jonze’ new EP victim impact statment below, and watch the accompanying short film above.