Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Theia


needle in the hay spotlight theia

Meet Theia, a star in the making coming at you from New Zealand. Laced by a killer production aesthetic and a visual talent to match, it’s hard to tear yourself away from her verses.

With our Needle In The Hay vinyl competition open once more, we’re back to enjoying an esteemed selection of tunes submitted by Australian and New Zealand artists. For our latest entry spotlight, we’re looking at Theia.

Seeing Theia reemerge as a Needle In The Hay entrant this year was a welcome surprise, given she placed ninth overall in 2019’s competition with her vibrant self-titled EP. Production across the release was glittery, a breed of alt pop that pulled punches where it needed to, letting beauty and vulnerability shine through in between.

In 2020 Theia is back, and still a force to be reckoned with. It all started with Kitty Kat, an anthem for anyone who refuses to be pushed down – especially to women and marginalised persons within the music industry. The lyrics are vicious and very, very real, while the song remains well within Theia’s snappy pop modus operandi.

The single was her first from 99% Angel, a brilliantly titled mixtape which is out now. The other cuts from the release showcase more hook-laden goodness from the songwriter; Theia is good at many things, but calling out shitty behaviour and making it slap is where she excels.

“Karma comes around cos this kitty bites back.” 

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