Needle In The Hay Spotlight: Tiarnie


tiarnie needle in the hay spotlight

Meet Tiarnie, a songwriter etching compelling, highly relatable alt-rock experiences out of music made “at 2AM in my bedroom”. 

While many of us dream of a sea-change to get away from the rush of the city life, the opposite journey is actually far more common in Australia. No matter what path your career or interests takes you, the allure of moving to a metropolis can pull in anyone looking for opportunities beyond what their first community could provide.

This story rings especially true for songwriters, and it’s this pilgrimage that Tiarnie has made the focus of her debut EP Consistently Inconsistent. Written in the months after she relocated from regional Wallaroo to Sydney, the release navigates feelings of displacement, homesickness, and identity in a manner any 20-something will latch onto.

Stylistically Tiarnie sits somewhere between the realms of alternative rock and indie pop, scratching a similar itch to her contemporaries Angie McMahon or Merpire. Her songs often start with a whisper and end with a bang, landing her with a range that could fit Sydney’s pub stages and festival spots alike.

I’m Fine was the focus single of Consistently Inconsistent, and the track Tiarnie entered into Needle In The Hay. The key song exploring her move to Sydney, Tiarnie explains it made her “feel equally insignificant and like the future was full of infinite possibility”. 

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