No need to go to war, head into the fire that is King Gizzard and Lizard Wizards new album

Melbourne’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard not only give us a mouthful of a name, but an earful of music. Channelling the weird and the wonderful as only the Gizzard and Wizard can, new album Nonagon Infinity is an ode to the gents who will do whatever they bloody want to do and do it with an untameable force that you’re bloody knocked for six and blissfully happy about it.

Ripping into it from the get go, the boys Stu Mackenzie, Joe Walker, Eric Moore, Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Lucas Skinner, Cook Craig and Michael Cavanagh have a zest to play their hearts out and give each song 100% passion that can only just spill forth right into your gleeful hands. Their songs let loose, go on a rampage and maintain the freak energy that rock stars dream of achieving after years of playing together.

king gizzard

King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, a mouthful of a name and an earful of a band unapologetically let loose an album whose kick and punch leave us for dead.

With booking agents in Australia, the US, the UK and Europe, its no wonder this band is coming out with all guns blazing, bringing the world an intensely striking, ferocious sound that gets the blood flowing and heart racing. Having racked up a huge following on social media, this band is heading out into the lime light with their new album Nonagon Infinity. All pledge your allegiance.

Producing high tempo, speedy songs with a blood curdling high energy, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard are the way to go if you’re looking for a garage / surf band with an unpolluted edge and voluminously hearty, jam packed songs. Far from easy listening melodies, they have an entertainment factor that hooks and reels you in. You’ll wriggle, you’ll jive, you’ll be a hazard on the side-walk, those arms flailing hither and thither.

Their music draws on this impending doom like tension. It’s fierce, loud and fast, making it almost intimidating and glorious in the same ferocious breathe. The blurriness of the vocals creates a distance between the band and listeners, he be calling from a distant land afar through a steel pipe. Yet the rising tension in the music almost makes the listener feel like they are being crept up on in a really ballsy way. When the music is in full force, it’s as if the earth is about to cave in, but thou doest not mind in the slightest, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have stolen your attention and nothing else can pull your focus.

Their album Nonagon Infinity creates a continuous story line with each song running onto the next with the same instant burst of fire and verve. There is no time for someone to lose focus on the songs because there is no downtime from the intense, tight music. If you prefer a more settled, loose flowing tone, you may feel like the whole album at one may be too much, we’re not in acoustic indie anymore Toto, but if you’re not afraid to tackle the wildness, get real fresh and primal and are looking for a solid band, then King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard will have you frothin’ to their wall of sound and burn.