‘No shots after midnight’ and other Sydney drinking laws are set to be scrapped

The infamous ‘no shots after midnight’ rule and other drinking laws introduced with the 2014 Sydney lockouts are likely to be repealed by the end of the year, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Not long ago the state government revealed their plans to rescind the lockout laws across Sydney, Kings Cross excluded, as part of an ongoing inquiry into the state’s late-night drinking laws. It appears that won’t be the only rollback.

drinking laws sydney
Photo: Dani Hansen

As a parliamentary inquiry examines the state of Sydney’s drinking laws, the city appears braced to roll back to many pre-lockout regulations.

The regulations that the committee reportedly intends to scrap include the forbidden sale of shots, doubles, and pre-mixed drinks after midnight, as well as the restrictions against serving drinks in glasses instead of plastic cups.

Additionally, the report will propose chilling out on ID scanning after 9pm in certain zones. This is all in addition to the scrapping of 1:30am lockouts and 3am last drinks across the CBD and Oxford Street.

And thankfully, a full rollback of the lockout laws including Kings Cross is also to be considered after a 12-month period.

The committee running the inquiry will propose a package that’s able to be rolled out for the end of the year, so let’s hope these exciting changes come through nice and soon.