“Not for sale”: Sydney unites to stand against advertising on the Opera House sails

Thousands of protestors flocked to the Sydney Opera House last night to protest proposed advertising on the heritage-listed building’s sails.

People gathered themselves outside the iconic building and projected their own lighting, from iPhone flashlights to powerful torches and personal projectors, while chanting “Not for sale” and “Whose house? Our house.”

Proposed advertising on the Sydney Opera House sails

“Not for sale” – protestors have gathered outside the Sydney Opera House to voice their “displeasure” against horse race advertising on the building’s iconic sails.

“The idea of this event is not to cause trouble, the idea is to express displeasure, and let that displeasure be known,” stated one organiser.

There was even a suggestion to block the House’s main projectors using balloons or sheets.

One protestor at the event believed advertising on the House’s sails displayed “complete vandalism” and “treated [them] like a billboard.”

Comedy group The Chaser took their own stab at the sails when they wrote a series of tweets looking for a “billboard… the bigger the better.”

They then posted a video of them projecting “ADVERTISE HERE: Call Alan Jones” and the radio host’s purported phone number onto Parliament House and the Art Gallery of NSW, before heading out to the Opera House.

Jones reported he was flooded with calls from strangers and unknown numbers.


Via Sydney Morning Herald.