One True Pairing's debut album is set to drop this Friday

One True Pairing’s debut album is set to drop this Friday

UK singer-songwriter Tom Fleming (formerly of indie-rock act Wild Beasts) has launched his latest musical venture, One True Pairing. His self-titled album is set to be released this Friday, September 20th and it’s an epic first taste of the artist’s new direction.

Wild Beasts songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Tom Fleming returns as One True Pairing, with his debut album out on September 20th.

Christened as ‘neo-heartland rock’, One True Pairing has some serious musical influences such as Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty in his track I’m Not Afraid, which is the second track on the album.

“I wanted to write about the real world, I didn’t want it to be an artistic, poised, tasteful record, it’s neo-heartland rock” says Fleming.

“One True Pairing is a name taken from internet fan fiction, where you write the perfect relationship you always wished existed. The idea of Prince Charming and Helpless Princess living happily ever after is no fun”.

Fleming wrote and played all the tracks on the album himself then brought in producer Ben Hillier to mix and master a collection of tracks that are shaped by class frustration, self-despair and the exploration of unique masculinity. This is a deeply personal album and manages to tap into wider political themes.

“This country is going through a terrible moment and if you listen to the art nobody seems to give a shit” says Fleming. He channels his discontent through aggressive synths and discordant guitar, highlighting the 2019 British politics as a “feeling of directionless rage and cheatedness which hasn’t gone away.”

One True Pairing will be out on September 20. Check out the full tracklist and the video for I’m Not Afraid below:

Tom Fleming – One True Pairing

1. Zero Summer
2. I’m Not Afraid
3. One True Pairing
4. Weapons
5. Dawn At The Factory
6. Blank Walls
7. Reaper Of Souls
8. Elite Companion
9. Alive In The Resplendent Flames
10. King Of The Rats
11. Only God Can Judge Me