Country Musics New Darling Orlando Mendez Shares ‘Where I Am Right Now’

Country musics ‘Cuban Cowboy’ Orlando Mendez weaves a tale of heartache and joy, capturing life’s raw essence.

Orlando Mendez, the “Cuban Cowboy,” emerges as a luminary from Season 22 of NBC’s hit, The Voice, delivering heartworn melodies with the authenticity of a troubadour and the directness of pure Country music.

Hailing from Miami, FL, his latest Country-Rock opus, “Where I Am Right Now,” is set to be the bedrock of his forthcoming EP. The resonant ballad, written by Jason Nix, Reid Isbell, and Jessie Alexander, weaves a symphony drenched in love’s ebbs and heartache’s flows.

orlando mendez

With the rich tapestry of country music as his bedrock, Mendez captures the narrative of heartbreak and jubilation intertwined with a poetic authenticity, echoing the universal human condition across backroads and barstools.

In “Where I Am Right Now,” Mendez embodies a soul entangled in yesteryears, grappling with lost love. Reality becomes a curtain concealing a theater of memories – sunsets burn, tides crash, and those haunting eyes engulf him.

A barstool becomes his refuge, accompanied by melancholic refrains. This sonic masterpiece merges Country’s cadence and Classic Rock’s fervour, with a kick-drum heartbeat and an intoxicating chorus ferrying us through emotions.

The bridge bursts forth raw and unfiltered: “I’ve tried my best to move on, but your memory doesn’t really care. It will find me right where I’m at and take me right back there.” Mendez’s vocals, draped in subtle twang, breathe life into evocative lyrics spanning vintage to vanguard. The fusion of tradition and innovation pulses through this harmonious convergence.

“Where I Am Right Now” is an odyssey into memory and heartache, painted with notes bridging love and loss. Orlando Mendez, the “Cuban Cowboy,” isn’t just a musician; he’s a master storyteller, whose strings reverberate with timeless tales.

Born and raised in Miami, a second-generation Cuban American, Mendez discovered his passion for country music early. After gaining attention on “The Voice,” he’s set to release his debut EP, aiming to infuse the vibrancy of his background into the truth of country music.

With “Where I Am Right Now,” Mendez proves he’s not just an artist, but a soulful journeyman navigating the landscapes of emotion and sound.


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