Ojay deliver standalone pop-rock track ‘Only Open Roads’

Ojay’s triumphant return shines in their new single, “Only Open Roads,” a pop-rock anthem for your Friday.

In 2018, Ojay emerged from the laid-back backdrop of suburban Western Australia, injecting a much-needed dose of high-octane energy into the local youth scene.

Their carefree attitude and infectious vigour quickly struck a chord with disenchanted youngsters. Before their three-year hiatus, this four-piece pop-rock ensemble made a name for themselves with exhilarating live performances that reverberated up and down the western coastline.

'The Ride' album by Ojay

Their music was a captivating fusion of the gritty rock and punk vibes of the ’80s and ’90s, blended with the catchy hooks and sing-along melodies of contemporary pop hits. And just to keep things interesting, they’d occasionally switch gears with a soulful piano ballad or acoustic gem.

Taking a hiatus from 2020 to 2023, Ojay underwent transformation, with lineup changes introducing Skills and Marshy. Emerging from this hiatus, they unleashed their second album, “The Ride,” in March, a twelve-track voyage showcasing Ojay’s prowess in navigating the diverse realms of pop-punk.

Their seamless fusion of genre elements creates a sound that’s both familiar and revitalising, and Ojay’s newest single, “Only Open Roads,” arrives as a testament to their evolving musical direction. This standalone track captures their signature essence while hinting at their upcoming musical ventures.

The song’s narrative taps into the universal desire to break free from the mundane routine and chase one’s dreams. Anchored by powerful chords, it strikes a balance between hope and longing, resonating with anyone who’s dared to dream big. It also carries a sweet tone of “I would drive anywhere for you”… which pulls at the heartstrings in a good way.

Their sound has evolved, leaning slightly more towards pop while retaining a touch of punk edge from their previous work. It’s a musical concoction perfect for unwinding on a Friday evening or any day that craves a musical pick-me-up. The track delivers an indie, road-trip vibe that tugs at heartstrings, inviting listeners to connect with the emotions it evokes.

Ojay excels in the chorus, with layered vocals blending seamlessly and a production that complements the sentiment. As the track reaches its conclusion, the addition of indie keys provides a subtle and fitting touch.

In Ojay’s renewed momentum, “Only Open Roads” is a shining example, of how the band continues to carve out their place in the music world. So, fasten your seatbelts and let Ojay steer you through their musical escapade that’s as real as it gets.

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