Pad thai and high voltage yoch ‘n’ roll: A brief encounter with Dave

Dave are probably the hardest band to Google ever, but once you find them, they reward the shit out of you.

Three dudes from Newcastle making high voltage rock ‘n’ roll is probably something you’ve heard before. But Dave are so much more than a tired formula. Why? They can write a fucking song. And when it comes to rock music, isn’t that all that really matters?

They’re one of the finalists of our Needle In The Hay vinyl comp, and are in the running to press their new EP Yoch! Bangers Vol.1 onto wax thanks to Zenith Records.

We also asked them to play our NITH party at the Botany View on September 1st. Before you check them out on the night, get to know them a little better below.


dave. are a bunch of dudes from Newcastle making some damn good rock ‘n’ roll tunes. They’re also playing our Needle In The Hay party. Get to know them better.

HAPPY: YOCH. What is it?

DAVE: YOCH began as a dumb word our drummer Gabe made up. He would use it in pretty much any context and it quickly became a mainstay in the whole band’s vocab. Soon enough we had a ‘YOCH! Records’ logo on the back of our EP’s and the whole thing spiralled out of control from there.

HAPPY: What’s the dave elevator pitch?

DAVE: Three boys from Newy with a love for pad thai and high voltage yoch n roll. Our shows are zesty and greasy – just like our favourite dish.

HAPPY: Since none of you is Dave, who is Dave?

DAVE: We get asked this all the time. I don’t think there isn’t one particular dave, but everyone knows one, and most of the time he is a fkn legend.

HAPPY: How hard is it to play a song while having tennis balls pelted towards you?

DAVE: The first couple of runs through were tricky but we got used to it after a while. Lucky our mates in the clip aren’t very good at batball otherwise we would have copped a few more knocks than we actually did.

Dave are one of the finalists for our Needle In The Hay vinyl comp – catch them playing at our NITH party alongside Raindrop, Yon Yonson, Okin Osan, EGOISM and Forest Hall, Friday September 1st at the Botany View Hotel, Sydney.

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