Public House Petersham’s UNDR CTRL party wasted no time getting back to the dancefloor

Public House Petersham turned last week’s rainy Sydney Saturday into a non-stop dance session, hosting one buzzy DJ after the next.

If you’re looking to add some thrill to your weekend plans, we’d recommend making Public House Petersham your newest rendezvous point. Every Saturday from midday to sundown, the well-loved venue is hosting Sydney’s freshest DJs and coolest pints, ensuring a wild kickoff to your weekend debauchery.

The event is being booked by UNDR CTRL, and it’s off to a cracking start. Here’s what went down last week.

For the crew and I, the day began in Public House’s famous beer garden. We caught up, made some new mates, patted way too many doggos, then decided it was time to get the ball rolling. We ordered up some drinks, nabbed some sorely-needed phone charge (thank you, bartenders!) and headed down to the dance floor.

What happened next was pure joy and true confirmation that lockdown was over. For the next few hours, we danced ourselves stupid to the beats of The Thumping Roman, Santamaria Brothers, and Clashé.

Of course, we took some hydration breaks, thanks to the tinnie share buckets provided by 4 Pines. The floor was packed the whole time too, so it’s clear Sydney is raring for shindigs like these.

Want to join in on the scenes next Saturday? You’re in luck, because sets from Shantan Wantan Ichiban, Carolina Gasolina, Sørensen, and Boosie.

Check out the Facebook event here. A word of warning, however. Last week was absolutely packed, so we’d recommend booking a table in advance here.

Love your work, Public House Petersham!