Pictures of Snoozy Animals, The Road to Conscious Machines and more: Happy’s Weekend Reading

Now that all your plans are cancelled, there’s plenty of time to read new books. Possibly the best book for our times, This Book is Literally Just Pictures of Snoozy Animals That Will Make You Sleep Better comes courtesy of our friends at Smith Street Books, but you can also change gears with The Road to Conscious Machines by Michael Wooldridge.

To accompany you on your weekend in the great indoors is Weather, the new novel by Jenny Offill, Max Barry’s Providence and Matthew Yokobosky’s Studio 54: Night Magic. Let’s check out the list. Picture of Snoozy Animals

Pictures of Snoozy Animals, The Road to Conscious Machines, Weather, Providence and Studio 54: Night Magic are among the finest new books for your weekend.

This Book is Literally Just Pictures of Snoozy Animals That Will Make You Sleep Better by Smith Street Books

A book that’s perfectly suited for our current state of stress, Snoozy Animals acts as the most adorable how-to guide you can imagine. Come on, just look at it! Via Smith Street BooksPicture of Snoozy Animals Cover

The Road to Conscious Machines: the Story of AI by Michael Wooldridge

It’s a tempting conspiracy theory: the robots are coming to get us. But through Wooldridge’s definitive history and analysis of AI, we get beyond the Hollywood depictions and appreciate the whole picture of this fascinating field of technology. More at PenguinThe Road to Conscious Machines

Weather by Jenny Offill

Jenny Offill’s latest novel tracks the life of Lizzie Benson, a librarian with a penchant for practising amateur psychology. Torn between family, the influence of her mentor and the issues of the world at large, she’s forced to acknowledge her limits. See Allen & Unwin for more. Weather

Providence by Max Barry

Max Barry’s thrilling sci-fi adventure takes us into space as the crew of Providence Five takes on a threat that humanity has never faced. When communications with a distant Earth falter, the crew must fight to survive. See Hachette for more. Providence

Studio 54: Night Magic by Matthew Yokobosky

It only stood for three years, but mere bricks and mortar were never going to contain the cultural phenomenon that was Studio 54. This volume is the definitive documentation of this era and takes readers into the heart of this decadent and provocative paradise. Via RizzoliStudio 54 Night Magic