Pioneer ratbags Skegss just want to have fun

“Roommates and gateway drugs” are what brought Byron Bay’s Skegss together. Not quite the answer I was expecting, but I dig the honesty boys. According to Toby (bass), Jonny (drums) and Benny (vocals and guitar) they “just wanna have a good time.” The three-piece bring to the table a unique blend of DIY stoner-rock/comical-punk that has become their signature style – and has landed them with a label signing with Dune Rats‘ newest venture, Ratbag Records.

Skeggs byron

Born out of a mutual appreciation of ‘gateway drugs’ pioneer ratbags Skegss just wanna have fun, screeching out DIY stoner rock mixed with scrappy, loveable punk.

The band recently set off on their first international tour; during which they played a bunch of sold out shows, recorded new songs for their debut EP and cheated death in a high speed semi trailer collision (never a dull moment for these boys). They also spent time in New York laying down tunes at Rubber Tracks Converse studio where they surprised themselves with how naturally their live sound translated in the studio, and were stoked with the experience.

Last week, after winning the triple j Unearthed Splendour In the Grass competition, Skegss played the North Byron Parklands alongside their mates/new record label owners Dune Rats. Being added to a line-up with personal influences such as The King Khan & BBQ Show and sharing a stage with international acts such as Florence and the Machine and Blur must have felt pretty surreal.

Their new video clip for Fun, which will feature on the forthcoming debut EP, 50 Push Ups For A Dollar, really nails the essence of Skegss. No need for a fancy name, or mind-twisting lyrics – the song is about fun and not taking things too seriously, so why not keep it simple.

The rhythm is strong and engaging with a catchy melody that genuinely captures the song title and will leave you with nothing but good vibes. While the track is fairly rocky, boasting dirty punk like guitar solos and a steady, heavy drumbeat, the poppy delivery of the lyrics lightens the entire mood and keeps it warm and fuzzy.

The DIY filming of Fun that Skegss used in their previous film clips L.S.D and Rock’n’Roll Radio gives the audience a sense of familiarity; like they could be on the road with the band, getting pissed and venturing around Toronto, L.A. and New York. By re-using the self-made video style Skegss are sticking with an angle that best portrays what their music is all about; it rams home the we don’t give a fuck surfy attitude (*insert Shakas here) and appeals to the interests of their growing cult following.

With fame and fortune on the horizon let’s hope they can stick to their roots and maintain the fun, down to earth party feels that make them great. Keep you ears out for Skegss’ debut EP 50 Push Ups For A Dollar set to be released later this year and check out the Ratbag Records site for coming tour dates.