PM Turnbull has thrown homegrown audio some love by visiting RØDE Microphones on their 50th birthday

The story of RØDE Microphones and Freedman Electronics is an amazing one. Their founder, Peter Freedman, is walking proof that a manufacturing company can go worldwide without outsourcing their labour; despite never leaving Sydney RØDE have become a global standard in the microphone game.

And the company is now celebrating it’s 50th year together. As part of the celebrations, Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull (or was it PM Trumble?) made his way to their Silverwater facility for a tour and press conference on Friday.

RØDE Microphones peter freedman electronics

Malcolm Turnbull has praised RØDE Microphones and Freedman Electronics as an example of Australian innovation on the company’s 50th birthday year.

After touring the facilities Turnbull undertook a press conference praising Freeman for his work to date:

“Peter Freedman and his team have proved [that] Australians can do anything, they can be the best in the world… And in a country where people say manufacturing is dying, here you see exactly the way manufacturing is growing.”

“Not only has RØDE been able to grow its workforce here, it has been able to compete with the best in the world, including in markets where labour costs are lower. So this is a great Australian story.”

Freedman himself was stoked to have the PM turn up on his company’s anniversary:

“It has been an amazing journey, one that I was very glad to share with the Prime Minister today. It was a real honour and pleasure to show him the facility, have him meet with the team and and share our success.”

The Freedman Electronics 50th anniversary year will continue to be celebrated throughout 2017.