Troye Sivan calls out Malcolm Turnbull and his Tweet about Orlando shooting

Troye Sivan has publicly called out Malcolm Turnbull for the comments he made in wake of the recent shootings at LGBT Nightclub, Pulse in Orlando over the weekend.


The recent tragedy in Orlando has shone a light on the drastic need for change. For Troye Sivan, Malcolm Turnbull’s response wasn’t good enough.

Turnbull posted a statement to Twitter, which said “All Australians stand with the people of the United States today, against terror and against hate.” After this comment, Sivan also took to Twitter to highlight the lack of reference to the LGBT community in Turnbull’s comments.

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The shooting, which took place over the weekend, claimed the lives of 49 victims and left over another 50 people injured, and has marked the worst shooting massacre in the US to date.