The internet is in a tizzy over Drake’s…meat leak video?

The internet’s reaction to the so-called Drake leak is about as subtle as you’d imagine, and Twitter seems extremely thirsty.  

We’ve seen many sides to Drake, but a new leak has exposed more than just his oft-lacklustre bars and penchant for dissing Kendrick Lamar.

Dubbed the Drake meat leak (yes, you read that right), the now-viral video seemingly shows the rapper completely naked from the waist down, hence the ‘meat’ in ‘meat leak’ (the internet is nothing if not subtle). 

Drake Leak video

The Drake leak video was shared on Twitter/X and promptly went viral, though the source of the clip still remains unknown.

When it was taken down — probably by some prudish, pearl-clutching Twitter-bots — new versions of the Drake leak appeared in its place.

For those already clamouring to their web browsers, we regret to say that the video is (largely) scrubbed from the internet, but rest assured that  Drake’s so-called ‘soft-boi’ image doesn’t appear to be all that soft. 

drake ai

The authenticity of the video has yet to be confirmed, and the rapper has not yet commented on the supposed Drake leak publicly.

An alleged response — which saw Drake claim on his Instagram story that he was “hiding the world from” his manhood — was found to be fake, and the only other seeming confirmation came from internet streamer Adin Ross.

In February, Ross — who is a friend of Drake’s — said he asked the rapper about the Drake leak and that he replied simply with laughing emojis (playing it extra coy, it seems). 

The rapper’s tight-lipped approach to the Drake leak has done little to quiet internet sleuths, who promptly deduced that the video was taken on Drake’s private plane due to the background audio heard in the clip.

Hey, when you have a private plane, it makes sense to mark your territory and perhaps offset those carbon emissions with some emissions of your own.

Proving itself to be extremely parched, Twitter/X erupted with thirsty responses to the Drake leak, with memes that range from hilarious to downright concerning. 

Peep some of the best internet reactions to the Drake leak below, and remember to turn on your incognito function when you inevitably head elsewhere after this article.