Eddie Vedder shouts out gender equality with a blistering critique of Butker

Our leading favourite indie rocker Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder gets vocal again, and we are backing it

During a recent Las Vegas concert, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder wasn’t just belting out a fine tune. He also took a moment to drop some criticism on Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker.

The reason for this unexpected detour? Butker’s now-infamous commencement speech, which went viral for its outdated views on gender roles.

eddie vedder steve buscemi attack

Vedder, known for his outspoken social conscience, wasn’t about to let these remarks slide. He wove a potent critique into the concert’s fabric.

First, with a playful jab, he acknowledged the band’s opening act, Deep Sea Diver – a group fronted by a powerhouse vocalist, Jessica Dobson. This subtle spotlight shone brightly on the very strength and talent Butker’s speech seemed to downplay.

Then, Vedder aimed a more direct blow. He pointed out the irony of Butker, the guy on the field who gets to forgo the full-body armor of his tackling brethren, lecturing others on “manliness.”

“The irony was that the football player – well, kicker… You see the kicker doesn’t have the pads because he doesn’t tackle anybody or get tackled – but he started telling men, ‘Don’t forget to puff up your chest and be more masculine. Don’t lose your masculinity.’

“The irony was that when he was saying that, he looked like such a f—ing p—y.”

“There’s nothing more masculine than a strong man supporting a strong woman.” -Eddie Vedder




The crowd erupted in cheers. Vedder’s sharp wit and clear message resonated. This on-stage critique adds fuel to the ongoing debate about masculinity and gender equality.

Many have spoken out since Butker’s speech, and Vedder certainly won’t be the last. His pointed remarks serve as a reminder that true strength comes in many forms, and that supporting equality is the most “manly” thing a man can do.