Prior to making their Vivid LIVE debut we caught up with rising rockers South Summit

Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, South Summit are taking the music scene by storm

Their infectious blend of roots, reggae, blues, and alt-rock has garnered them a loyal following and a reputation as festival favourites, not to mention third place winners in our annual NITH comp for 2024.

In this exclusive interview with Happy Mag, we chat to South Summit‘s drummer Nathan Osborne about their upcoming Vivid LIVE debut, creative process, and the importance of supporting the live music scene. Don’t miss their show on Saturday, 25 May 2024, at 8pm.

south summit interview happy mag vivid live 2024

Happy Mag: What are you up to today?

South Summit: This sounds super staged, but when I’m writing this, we are actually in the studio finishing up the next body of work!

This is the last day we have booked, and there’s still a bit of work to be done, so I hope we can get it all finished!

Happy Mag: Congrats on your recent signing with Lemon Tree Music, how does it feel?

South Summit: We are super stoked to sign a management deal with Lemon Tree Music! Can’t think of better people to work with, and we’re so keen for what’s to come next.

Happy Mag: How has being based in Perth shaped your sound and musical identity?

South Summit: Being from Perth has had a huge impact on our musical journey and identity.

We live in the most isolated city in the world, so it feels like we are free to do whatever we want musically and we don’t have to conform to anything.

Also, the landscapes and scenery are the best in the country, which inspires us all the time to write tunes.

Happy Mag: Are there any other Perth artists you admire or recommend checking out?

South Summit: There are so many mates here in WA who are doing great things in the Aussie music scene.

Just to name a few – Old Mervs, Death by Denim, Dulcie, and Dice are all killing it at the moment all around Australia!

Also, huge congrats to fellow West Aussies Joan and the Giants and Siobhan Cotchin on their success in the Needle in the Hay competition!

Happy Mag: Congrats on your newest single ‘Givin’ It Up’. How has your songwriting process evolved since the release of your earlier EPs?

South Summit: Thanks! We’re so stoked with the response so far. I’d say our writing process hasn’t changed too much.

We just love to jam together, and we always have. This track came about from a random jam in Fynn’s studio.

It started off actually being a bit more of an emotional slow song, but when Nemo put those reggae skanks over the top, it just sounded too good.

Happy Mag: Are there any recurring themes or messages you try to convey through your music?

South Summit: I’d say probably good vibes above all. We love to share positivity and feel-good energy through our music.

We’ve always said play what feels good. If we’re feeling good writing the music, chances are whoever’s listening is gonna feel similar!

Happy Mag: What are some of the biggest challenges and rewards you’ve faced as a band?

South Summit: A huge reward is performing live in front of a crowd. There’s something about it that just makes you feel alive. Also, releasing a song you’re really proud of. That’s one of the most rewarding things as a band.

There are always going to be some challenges in the music industry. There’s a lot of time on the road and a lot of time away from friends and family.

So it can get a bit draining on the long flights or waking up a bit dusty after a rowdy show. But traveling the country with your best mates, playing music? Can’t really complain too much!

Happy Mag: Performing at the Sydney Opera House is a pretty big deal. With your VIVID Live show on the horizon, how do you prepare for live performances, and what can fans expect?

South Summit: We love to jam together; it’s how we started the band and it’s where we feel at home. So playing music together and coming up with new stuff is how we best prepare for the show.

That said, the Opera House is a big deal for us, so we have set aside a couple more jams than usual to iron out the creases.

We’re putting together a whole new live show, which we think is sick, and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

Happy Mag: The lineup is insane at this year’s Sydney VIVID Live! Who are you keen to see?

South Summit: Such a stacked lineup at VIVID Live this year. We’re super privileged to be involved and among so many talented names in the music industry.

We are keen to see Barkaa, Underworld, Xmunashe, and Tia Gostello, just to name a few. Quite a mixed bag there, but there’s so much good music on show it’s crazy!

Happy Mag: Do you have any pre-show rituals or traditions you’ll be carrying out before your VIVID performance?

South Summit: Sounds cliché, but we always get into a huddle before every show. Just gets us in the zone and everyone’s locked in before the gig.

Aside from that, we love to crack open a few beers and kick back. Not putting too much pressure on yourself always seems to pay off.

Another pre-show ritual we mostly always do is write the set list about 30 minutes before we jump on stage. Might not be so much a ritual, probably just laziness! Don’t think we’ll be doing that for the Opera House show though!

Happy Mag: What’s one thing you wish more people understood about the music community?

South Summit: A big thing is understanding the importance of buying a ticket to gigs, especially for local upcoming bands.

It could be the difference between one of your favourite artists going under or being able to put out some sick new music. Just support live music you enjoy, everyone’s better for it!

Happy Mag: Lastly, what makes you happy?

South Summit: Nothing like kicking back in the backyard with friends and family with beers and a BBQ.

An acoustic guitar being passed around, coming up with some jams. Can’t beat it!

Catch South Summit’s performance at the Sydney Opera House this Saturday during Vivid LIVE. Tickets here.