With staples like Orthodox, Wide Awake and Feels Good, ST. ALi’s is hands down the God of coffee

Anyone in Melbourne will tell you it’s ST. ALi or bust, so here at Happy Mag, hailing from the glorious chaos of Sydney, we gotta admit, a little St. Ali envy sets in

Don’t get us wrong, we Sydneysiders can caffeinate with the best of ’em (although maybe not quite on par with Dave Grohl – that man’s a coffee machine!).

But when we stumble upon – okay, maybe it’s more like obsessively hunt down – a spot brewing that legendary Melbourne roast, well, let’s just say our taste buds do a happy dance (thank ya The Depot). And if we can’t get out of the office, because of a crazy deadline, then we just brew our own, all praise the delivery gods.

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Why the ST. ALi love affair? It’s not just about the caffeine kick (though let’s be real, that’s part of it). There’s a magic that happens between that first perfect sip and getting lost in a world of music. ST. ALi, gets this like nobody’s business.

Case in point, their new seasonal espresso blend “Ceremony” comes with a playlist of perfect tunes, New Order, Blondie, Real Estate, A flock Of Seagulls, hell, you had us at New Order!

For over 17 years, they’ve been the soundtrack to countless mornings, afternoons, and late-night writing sprees for music journos and audiophiles alike. Their dedication to quality, ethically sourced beans creates a flavour bomb in every cup – the perfect pairing for those tunes blasting through your headphones.

Speaking of adventures, ST. ALi isn’t afraid to push boundaries. Their Seasonal Special Release Program, “Sonora Estate Typica,” and “Finca Kilimanjaro”is proof  – a flavour profile that hits you akin to your latest musical discovery.

Whether you’re dissecting the indie darling or revisiting a classic, ST. ALi is there to fuel your musical exploration. So grab a bag of coffee, crank up the tunes, and enjoy the hell out of the day in proper ST. Ali style.

Pro Tip: Even if you’re not in Melbourne, you can still get your ST. ALi fix! Stay connected via Instagram or head over here to find venues near you.