Glaciers are the perfect escape from the cold in their debut LP

PREMIERE: The consistent echo of Glaciers’ Living Right will live in your mind long after the final notes ring out

As the East Coast is continually slashed by torrential earth-tears, the result of some of humanity’s worst traits, it often seems there’s no escape.

Fear not, however, for the product of some of humanity’s finest traits, music, can provide a getaway like no other. If this statement leaves you in shreds of confusion you’ll need to hear Melbourne’s Glaciers and their debut long player.


Prepare to shake off the winter blues and take a dip in the gooey, echoing vibes of Glaciers and their debut LP, Living Right

Living Right is the first full length effort from a band that sounds like they’ve been churning them out for years, it’s refined and has such a consistent vibe, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been awoken from a vivid daydream.

In their own words, Living Right is an album about “things people do in their 20s” and Glaciers sure have hit the nail on the head when it comes to the finer aspects of growing up. As the aptly named opener Winter swings lovingly to and fro though your consciousness, the sunshine becomes apparent as it bursts through reverb-drenched waves of guitars and road trip melodies.

The juxtaposition of such warmth in sound with a dreary winter theme is precisely the genius in composition that slinks its way through the record. Lyricism is almost disguised by cheery soundscapes so that the listener is forced to look deeper and, perhaps, find a truly personal meaning to derive from the crystal lusciousness.

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Lead single, Local Hero follows the sonic beach ball, bouncing benevolently along tight grooves and those infinitely echoing guitars. The track spiels on the notion of notoriety that we’ve all wondered about from time to time. This happy-go-lucky heart cuddler could be just the inspiration we need to hit the “front page of the sports”.

The Melbourne four-piece have undoubtedly hit a goldmine in their distinctive sound. The consistent echoes of guitars are so prominent in the Living Right you’ll begin to think you’re listening to the band live in a vast cathedral. However, the band drive the songs forward so relentlessly, the record’s notion ingrains itself in the psyche of a listener long after the final notes have rung.

There’s something inherently warm about the smiling melodies and spinning drums. The lush exuberance of each track lazes so endearingly onwards and allows a listener to truly get lost in standout tracks such as Fear of Distance and Sensible.

Living Right is a record with unforgettable hues of summer whilst remaining lyrically diverse and, most prominently, distinctive. The album bleeds reverberating consistency and it’s a shimmering light that’ll help to sine through any storm.

The boys will be dropping this candy sweet gift for you on the 17th of June and are celebrating in style with a launch show at The Curtin. More details here.