PREMIERE: Float along the relaxed, summery currents of Love Drunk Hearts’ new single ‘Let It Flow’

Love Drunk Hearts are back! And, to our absolute delight, they’ve returned with a single that’s guaranteed to kick the warmer seasons off right. Let It Flow could very easily be the soundtrack of endless, scorching afternoons where a speaker and surfboard must be in reach.

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Sydney four-piece Love Drunk Hearts have returned with a beautiful new tune that sounds like the fabric of a hazy, summertime dream.

There’s probably no other more fitting description of Let It Flow other than instant good vibes. It’s such a cruisey tune, partly thanks to the professionalism of Oscar Dawson who has done so well at capturing the echoey, coastal-rusticness which is immediately reminiscent of Love Drunk Hearts’ signature sound. 

Gentle washy drums provide the perfect foundation for oncoming layers of reverbed guitar melodies that carry the listener into a calm and distant place. The Angus Stone-style vocals of frontman Arron Ikin do an exceptional job of sealing us into this calm, tropical utopia, with a voice that would console even the weariest of hearts. Such a vocal tone works brilliantly then to express the song’s key message of accepting one’s situations, their failures or disappointments, and casting them into the breeze with a willingness to move on and enjoy the finer things.

It’s the sort of song you could apply to so many warm and relaxed situations, but it certainly should be added to your playlist of Summer road-trip songs and played on repeat all the way up to the coastal, beachy, holiday destination of your choice.

Following on from recent notable success at Byron Bay Blues festival’s busking competition, as well as seeing regular airtime on Triple J, Love Drunk Hearts are quickly making themselves a formidable musical force to keep an eye out for.

Stream their latest single Let it Flow above.