The Colour Box V2 from JHS is a studio-quality preamp thats space savvy
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The Colour Box V2: a space savvy studio quality preamp for guitar

The Colour Box V2 from JHS pedals is the newest edition of the company’s original Colour Box preamp.

JHS is a company known for their excellent boutique pedals from the Moonshine overdrive to the Whitey Tighty compressor. The company also has an amazing range of pedal mods and reviews on their beloved YouTube channel.

The Colour Box V2 is a combination of DI box, preamp and equalizer with a completely analogue circuit in the style of a Neve 1073 preamp. JHS Colour box preamp

JHS unveil the new Colour Box V2 preamp, DI and EQ. This tasty little analog circuit can take any signal from drab to fab.

In 2012, founder of JHS Josh Scott wanted to create an effects pedal that replicated the hard to achieve sounds of “direct-in” electric guitar recordings. Bands like The Beatles, Spoon and Steely Dan used this technique for years, but it was nearly impossible to recreate live.

Up until now, if you really wanted to recreate this sound you’d have to drag a whole mixing console on stage with you. Thankfully, JHS released the Colour Box in 2014 with its compact pedal size. Now the new and improved Colour Box V2 is here to take Scott’s original idea to the next level.

Features include a full EQ with Treble, Mid and Bass as well as shift controls for each. The Shift knobs adjust the range of frequencies that the Treble, Middle, and Bass knobs control. This lets you sculpt your exact tone whether you’re using the Colour Box with guitar, vocals or even drums.

The pedal’s High/ Low toggle determines how the pedal will act. In the low position, the pedal works best with acoustic instruments and vocals keeping them clean and crystal clear. Flicking the toggle to high will give you overdriven sounds that when cranked can produce The Beatles fabled Revolution tone.

Controls for Master, Pre-Vol and Step are then used to control the gain stage of the preamp. The Step control increases the gain of each preamp stage in five stages. The Colour Box V2 is powered by standard 9V DC and has an XLR 48V phantom power as well as silent switching for noiseless operation.

For more information be sure to visit the JHS website.