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Hudson Electronics join forces with Ariel Posen for a crisp new preamp pedal

UK pedal company, Hudson Electronics, have just announced a new signature preamp pedal in collaboration with Canadian guitarist Ariel Posen.

An evolution of the previous Broadcast pedal, the Broadcast-AP enables a medium-gain tone with powerful low-end and crisp highs, designed for Posen’s unique sound.BROADCAST-AP Ariel Posen Hudson Electronics

Hudson Electronics have teamed up with Ariel Posen to create a new signature preamp pedal, the Broadcast-AP, for a perfect medium-gain tone.

Built on the same circuitry as its predecessor, the Broadcast-AP opts for silicon transistors instead of the original germanium, as well as an OEP transformer. The result is a tone that is “darker, smoother and more powerful” in comparison to the original.

According to Hudson Electronics, the pedal attains a kind of “3D” effect by giving the lows greater weight whilst maintaining openness in the highs and upper-mids.

The Broadcast-AP is controlled by level and gain trim knob, as well as a switch that activates a high-pass/low-cut filter. The gain trim control has 12db extra gain than the original Broadcast, allowing for a greater range – from clean boost to medium gain overdrive tones. The pedal also has an internal trimmer which allows the gain of the pedal to be increased until the sound becomes fuzzy and broken.

The Broadcast-AP is due out November 1 and costs about $300 AUD. It’s currently available for preorder, exclusively through Andertons.

For more info head over to the Hudson Electronics website.