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A Journey Through the Wampler Metaverse

Embark on an odyssey through the sonic cosmos with the Metaverse Multi-Delay Pedal.


The Wampler Metaverse Multi-Delay pedal stands out in a crowded market with its diverse range of delay styles and intuitive controls. Compact yet powerful, it offers a universe of delay possibilities in a single pedal, making it a must-have for any guitarist or producer seeking to expand their sonic palette.

The Metaverse offers true stereo DSP delay with 11 unique delay types. From classic analog and tape echoes to ethereal and spacey textures, this pedal covers a wide range of sonic territory to suit any musical style.

Equipped with 8 presets accessible via a convenient button interface, the Metaverse allows for easy recall of factory settings or customization of your own presets. Tap tempo functionality further enhances usability, providing on-the-fly control of delay timing with a simple footswitch press.

Across the top panel, familiar controls such as delay time, feedback, and tone offer precise shaping of your delay sound. The modulation depth and wet/dry mix can be adjusted to tailor the effect to your liking, while alt controls accessed by holding down the bypass switch unlock additional parameters for fine-tuning.

With MIDI compatibility and expression pedal input, the Metaverse offers advanced control options for the discerning musician. Whether you’re seeking true bypass operation or prefer to retain delay tails when bypassed, the pedal’s versatile configuration caters to your preferences.

From short slapbacks to cavernous echoes, the Metaverse spans a delay time range from 25ms to 2500ms, allowing for a wide array of sonic possibilities. Crank up the feedback for cascading textures and explore the unique character of each delay mode for endless creative inspiration.

Experience the Wampler Metaverse for yourself and discover a new dimension of delay effects. Available for approximately 499 AUD, it’s a worthy investment for musicians seeking to elevate their sound.

Head over to the Wampler Website to learn more.