Castilles run us through each track of their new EP Intercontinental

If you haven’t already listened to Castilles’ new EP Intercontinental, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it now. The EP is a five-track collection of genre-bending alt-rock, and we’ve had it spinning on repeat ever since we first laid ears on it.

So fresh off the EP’s release, we caught up with the band for a complete run-down of each track. Take it away Castilles…

Fresh off the release of their amazing new EP Intercontinental, we caught up with Melbourne outfit Castilles for a track-by-track run-down.

Lost In The City

Life in the city can be a strange existence for someone who grew up in the country. It takes some time to not feel like a tourist, seeing the city swirl around you. Suddenly without notice, you’re in the thick of it all and years pass without realising that you and your surroundings have changed so much. We regularly talk about the post city life, what will happen after this is all over in fondness of something maybe not so manic. Doesn’t matter where you go through, the price of cigarettes is still going up.


One of our favourite’s live, T-Rex is a song about Josh’s family. It was a difficult one to bring to the table as Sam was quick to realise that the theme was growing up in this wonderfully dysfunctional house, and that he himself was a character. Having four brothers going through puberty was very intense, but no one would dare fuck with Mum. Jules was a regular at the house and the characters in the tune strike a funny resemblance for him, and we’re sure it will for others.

Open Like A Front Door

Man, this song. It took a real journey. There use to be this 5-minute bridge that changed keys like 15 times. We ended up just stripping everything back and got this arrangement. Huge chorus, loved adding the organ, something we’re open to in the future, that extra melodic hand. Our producer, Woody Annison reckons it’s the single – we reckon he’s finally cooked it.


This one’s fun. Josh wrote this bassline and was playing around with it at rehearsals one day thinking “I’m going to do something with this, this is cool”. Did absolutely nothing, came back next week and Jules had filled all the gaps. Having two songs writers in the band is wonderful for that reason, we can have a tune and not know what the fuck to do with it but having someone else’s fresh ears on it helps release those shackles.


It made as much sense as anything else. It really did, nothing made sense. This track was maybe two jams before recording. As is the case, you get really excited about new songs so it just worked and we threw it on the record without really knowing the track very well. To the point where when we got the first mix back and ‘This isn’t how I thought the song sounded’. The lyrics to this one have a bit of a ‘common people’ theme, ritzy folk who want a crack at the grungy life. Book a room at the Intercontinental on Papi’s credit card until realising walking home from Preston to Collingwood cold out of your mind isn’t actually that much fun.

Intercontinental is available now. Listen