Castilles find a sonic sweet-spot on bluesy debut EP, ‘Intercontinental’

Melbourne indie-rock band Castilles have just released their debut EP Intercontinental, a five-track offering bursting with flavours of modern blues and Britpop, full of brazen guitars and slinky basslines.

Castilles is made up of brothers Josh and Sam Dawes, who you might know from the band Flyying Colours, as well as Jules Valentine, previously seen in Lorikeet.

Melbourne indie-rockers Castille have just released their debut EP, Intercontinental, a confident explosion of catchy modern rock and blues.

The EP opens with Lost In The City, the most indie-rock leaning track on the release and a homage to the band’s hometown of Collingwood. Built on a bed of crunchy guitars, the song is catchy from the outset, although it really hits its stride when it reaches the chorus. Here, an ascending vocal line is matched with overdriven guitars, concocting a melody that is effortlessly catchy and yet somehow slightly melancholic.

Next up is the driving blues number T-Rex. Drawing from more traditional elements, the song hits hard from the start. Building tension through vamping blues chords in the verse, the chorus acts as a kind of tension release, marked with a seriously satisfying marching bass line.

Open Like A Front Door is a slower, slinkier number, with the harmony-laden chorus emanating some ’70s rock sensibilities. Whilst Instigator is a more blues leaning track, filled with scratchy guitar solos and raspy, moody vocals.

Intercontinental begins with a minimal, pulsing one-note bassline and delicate, high-pitched guitars. Punchy drums pick up the groove, driving the whole thing forward, eventually blossoming into a confident chorus. Reminiscent of the likes of The Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys, bold, driven guitar lines ring out beneath the lyrics, “I’ve got a feeling in my bones,” while backing vocals add in catchy counter-melodies.

If you’re in Melbourne, you can catch Castilles at The Retreat Hotel in Brunswick where they’re be launching their EP on the 29th of November. For more info, head over to their facebook page.