If Last Dinosaurs and San Cisco had a baby, it would be Chris Watts

I’m sure I’m not alone in despising the fact the last day of Summer is upon us. All there is to look forward to now is clouds, dark afternoons and bitterly frosty mornings. No more lunch breaks spent sun-baking, no more sticky mornings spent cooling off in the ocean and certainly no more Instagramming #lazydays spent by the pool. Yes okay, It is a sad time when Summer comes to an end. Thankfully, there may be a cure for this post-warm season depression so many will inevitably slump into.

Let Go

Are you desperate for Summer to last a little longer? Fret not, Chris Watts’ new single Let Go is three month’s worth of sunny days packed into three minutes

Chris Watts’ new track Let Go has just the right amount of boppy, upbeat vibes mixed with warm and breezy melodies. It is the perfect post-Summer tune for all of us wanting to hang onto the sunny season for just a little bit longer.

After going off the radar for a while, this is Watts’ first release since he shared his stunning debut EP Back Down in 2014. Back Down revealed the diversity of this guy, with a seamless mix of indie, folk, pop and rock influences, laden with upbeat and infectious hooks.

As much as I enjoy listening to the EP, Let Go offers a more mature and refined sound. Teamed with thoughtful and honest lyrics, clean cut and sunny indie influences take over the verses, while an edgier, heavier sound soars out throughout the chorus, giving the tune some great contrasting vibes.

Imagine Last Dinosaurs and San Cisco had some sort of miracle music baby…the baby in question would be Chris Watts. Whilst the comparison is apparent on the first listen, the more you delve into Watts’ sound the more you can tell he’s made the sound his own.

Produced with Steve Schram who has previously worked with Little Red and San Cicso (no I did not realise this fact at the time I likened the two), the light-hearted track is a lovely way for Watts to step back into the spotlight and keep Summer rolling for just that little bit longer. It is the kind of song that makes you want to skip out on the office and disappear on a week long road trip up the coast. It’s definitely not one you can to miss.

You can catch Watts and all his indie-pop goodness officially launching Let Go at Melbourne’s Shebeen on Saturday March 26.