Praise Be! The unforgivable act of scalping is now illegal in New South Wales

Eat shit, scalpers. It is now officially illegal to resell a concert or sporting ticket for higher than its original price in NSW.

The news comes after an amendment was made to the Fair Trading Act on Friday, criminalising the heinous act of scalping.

Photo: Brooke Tunbridge

Attention Scalpers! Your reprehensible actions are now officially illegal in this great state of ours. You will now be required to take your forces of evil elsewhere.

We’ve all been there. Waking up heaps early just to nab a festival ticket, but missing out because some bastard is on there buying ten, with the intention of selling them on for double the price the next day.

It’s an unforgivable act, and is now punishable law.

In NSW it is now against the law to resell tickets for more than the original ticket cost, plus transaction costs that are capped at 10%,” Fair Work Australia say.

We understand there may be legitimate reasons why people wish to on-sell event tickets, but we won’t tolerate the often exorbitant prices they’re listed online for,” Minister for Better Regulation Matt Kean said last year.

The penalties to be faced by scalpers will be $22,000 for corporations and $11,000 for individuals. What a day.

Via Music Feeds.