PREMIERE: Broken synths, a shitty drum machine and Adobe stock footage are SPOD’s cathartic release on Party of One

Loneliness can do some strange things to people. Some wallow in self pity; others become forcible extroverts to subvert their misery. But not SPOD. What does SPOD do you ask?

SPOD dusts off some shitty old synthesisers. SPOD digs out a broken drum machine. SPOD closes the blinds. SPOD writes a song. SPOD sifts through unthinkable hours of Adobe stock footage. SPOD makes a music video.

Party of One is the result, and it’s an ode to some personal time out. It’s also the best thing you’ll see all week.

SPOD video

Feeling lonely? Just think: What Would SPOD Do? The answer can be found on Party of One and it’s absolutely incredible.

For those who haven’t encountered the enigmatic goofball that is SPOD yet, you may need to educate yourself; otherwise Party of One might not make all that much sense.

His Instagram account or Facebook is as good a place to start as any. What you’ll find is a stream of stimulus that is both confusing and enlightening. The man is an enigma, and he makes enigmatic music.

Party of One is the apex of SPOD’s complex creative genius. Everything about the song and video should be impenetrable. Semi-broken synthesisers and Adobe stock footage should not equal something that is to be considered entertainment – but he makes it work in spectacular SPOD fashion.

The clip is basically a montage of a lonely man looking for companionship and pleasure through the power of computer tablet technology and a couple of good meals.

Don’t worry though, it isn’t all dark days and storm clouds. The song itself is blissful enough to make Hitler smile, all bouncy digital drums and Casio synths. The recurring lyrical motif of “umm a party of one thank you” really drives home the songs theme – being lonely is ok, friends.

The sheer willpower it would have taken to sift through that much stock footage is mind-boggling. And the fact that SPOD could turn that mush into something this hilarious and sentimental, well, that is the sign of a true master.

Party of One is out now via Rice Is Nice.

You can catch SPOD in the flesh at the following shows, maybe he’ll buy you a sandwich.

AUG 9 @ The Foundry, Brisbane for a ‘Pre-Ekka Eve’ Party with Confidence Man & Sweater Curse
AUG 20 @ Oxford Art Factory supporting Gooch Palms
SEP 03 @ Ryans 21st (Private Party)
SEP 30 @ Tokyo Sing Song
OCT 14 @ The Factory Theatre, Marrickville supporting Ratcat