PREMIERE: Chains, waves and Sigourney Waver. You have to see this video from Born Joy Dead!

Love is tricky. It’s not an emotion, it’s a phenomenon and it’s one that isn’t easy to navigate. Your elders are always willing to dole out advice on how to handle it, one of which is “If you love something, let it go“. Whether it be a person, your favourite dive bar or your crippling addiction to a Bacon and Egg McMuffins, letting your love go is a hard and all too often difficult thing to do. It’s something that Born Joy Dead had to learn the hard way when it came to severing ties with remote control surfer Sigourney Waver, every moment of agony captured in their video for Chains On You.

Born Joy Dead Chains on You

Love is hard, especially when your beau is champion pro surfer babe Sigourney Waver. Will Born Joy Dead be able to let their love go, or will she remain trapped?

Born Joy Dead, which is a bitch of a name to get your head around, is a Brissie four-piece fronted by Ben Dalton, the bassist formerly of the now defunct Hungry Kids of Hungary. The band formed back in 2014 and have already released their EP Stones In My Shoe which was met with plenty of love from the likes of triple J and peeps online. Since then they’ve done a few tours with the likes of Ball Park Music, My Own Pet Radio, Bad//Dreems, Hey Geronimo and Pepa Knight.

With their second EP due for release early next year lead single Chains On You has been doing the early rounds earning some deserved praise. The sunny guitars and rollicking drums propel a sunny vibe while Dalton’s vocals carry with them the burden of knowing he has to let someone go. On it’s own it’s a great track, but the video gives it a new layer to play with, capturing the carefree vibe and melodrama throughout.

To help the boys out with the clip fellow Brisbane locals Luke McDonald & Scott Bromiley of The John Steel Singers came on board for directing duties. What was the inspiration behind the clip you ask? Well after a sweaty east coast tour for the single, all the band wanted to do “Swim and play with toys all weekend“. As Sigourney Waver shreds the waves presented to her in the bathtub and the pool she captures the awe of her four admirers.

She’s elegant and powerful, and yet, she remains trapped within these small confines yearning for that big, blue ocean. It’s silly, even a little cheesy, but it totally works. Props to our two directors, they manage to create a surprising amount of intimacy in the clip to the point where Sigourney Waver feels like a real person. Will she ever be able to catch that elusive big wave that tugs at her heart? You’ll have to watch to find out.

You can catch Born Joy Dead playing Backbone’s 2high Festival in January, with their sophomore EP not too far behind that.

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