Love dogs? Then you’ll love the new video from The John Steel Singers

The John Steel Singers have teamed up with the RSPCA to release the video for their latest track Weekend Lover.


The clip features some furry friends and was filmed over a few weekends at the homes of band members and at various Gold Coast parks and beaches. The band stated that they teamed up with the RSPCA for the video premiere as a way of working with someone outside of the music industry who works for a good cause. They are calling for fans to donate to the RSPCA Queensland in a bid to to raise awareness and show their support for the organisation.

Speaking of the video, guitarist Luke McDonald explained “The concept developed from a Homeward Bound or Milo and Otis-style story about two dogs running away from home and becoming travel companions. Classic buddy road trip to the beach”.

“It was a pretty tense set. The actors (Harvey and Arrow) where very demanding but sometimes you just have to deal with egos to get the performance you need. Our whole budget was spent on dog treats.”