Takaicardia share their no-skip playlist of “punk grunge metal”

Turnstile, Silverchair and Potion comprise Takaicardia’s ultimate playlist of tracks that get them “ready for war.”

Earlier this month, we were treated to the thrashy stoner rock of Takaicardia’s latest single Demon Boy. A thunderous rock odyssey anchored by grimy garage, the single saw the Gold Coast trio confront their intrusive thoughts and deliver an “ode to the demons we create in our mind that clearly do not exist.”

With its broad rock and roll palette, Demon Boy is evidence of a band clearly steeped in the craft of their genre. Below, Takaicardia’s Daene Gallagher swings by Happy Mag for a run-through of his no-skip playlist of “punk grunge metal.”

Takaicardia new single 'Demon Boy'

Spanning hardcore staples by Turnstile to the powerful lyricism of Black Sabbath, the playlist is just as expansive as Demon Boy had promised. 

Check out Gallaghers’s go-to playlist — including his most-replayed entries — below, and scroll down to listen to the trio’s new single Demon Boy

These are the least skipped songs I have on this playlist I named “Punk Grunge Metal”. Which is my ideal running and workout playlist. It gets me ready for war or to cop elbows in the mosh pit. I also listen to psych me up for a show! 

Turnstile  — Generator

This song amps me up so hard. I love blasting it while I’m running or before I surf. The vocals are so drivey. It psychs me up. I also love listening when I’m angry or pissed off.

The lyrics, in particular, “don’t waste my time with all your lies” feel so relatable and really resonate when I’m mad about anything.

I really love the bridge into the outro where it’s just guitar, those chords sound so lovely and really contrast the heavy parts in between. I also love listening to this song when I’m rundown or sad.

When Franz sings “Generator, by my side, push me through the darkest times” it feels so comforting and makes me believe I am a warrior and that I’ve got this. I tend to favor songs that I connect with the hardest.

Turnstile have the sickest live set too. I got to watch them at Brissy not too long ago and they blew me away how good they sounded live. I want to see them in America though those stage dives and mosh pits look next level. 

Silverchair – Spawn (Again)

I never understood the meaning of this song whenever I first used to listen to it but the more I listened the clearer it became. It’s probably the most metal song they have and I feel with metal songs a lot of passive listeners don’t process the lyrics.

Unless you really pay attention it could mean anything, the opening lyrics “death becomes clearer through bloodshot eyes” almost sounds like a thriller about a serial killer.

But when you hear more of the song, noticeably “eat what you murder, this is animal liberation, 8 billion killed for human pleasure” it paints the picture a lot clearer.

This statistic was over 20 years ago, in 2021 there was something like 83 billion animals killed worldwide. I love powerful and thought provoking lyrics.

To many people these lyrics are too confronting but I love that he doesn’t care what other people think and shows so much passion in what he believes.

Silverchair had a really cool progression with the first few albums before they went too poppy. I love the variety of genres and sounds they got out and Spawn Again was one of the coolest. So heavy and tough. Really captivating and moving. 

Black Sabbath – War Pigs 

I am a sucker for powerful lyrics and anti-war/anti-corruption. This song is such a ‘power to the people’ theme song. Sabbath really highlights the corruption and the convenience that the higher powers have by sending lower class citizens to do their dirty work.

They have you hooked from the opening line “generals gathered in their masses just like witches at black masses” which really paints a picture of how the elites gathered together like dark medieval witches to plot how they are going to sacrifice their countrymen to do their bidding.

I love the use of the words such as “brainwashed minds” which educates that these very brave men are unknowingly fighting a rich man’s war for all the wrong reasons.

It couldn’t have been written better. This song slaps so hard, it is truly timeless . I love how Geezer always wanders off on the bass and never sticks to the ordinary riff.

Tony’s soloing is messed up. I don’t know how he does it with artificial finger tips. I was fortunate enough to see them during their “The End” tour and I can’t believe they still played as well as they did at that age. I remember being blown away. 

Full Flower Moon Band – Hurt Nobody

I picked this song because it’s not too serious and it’s lots of fun. Full Flower Moon Band are really fun, flirty and humorous at the same time. The whole album is off its head but I chose this because it makes me dance.

I love the humour in Hurt Nobody, noticeably when Dillon says “he says I’m acting naughty, I said it’s coke and rum” just to remind us all of how we all play up a little on the rumbos.

Very clever! I love the rolling bass line and the ear candy from the octave effect on the guitar lead. It really tickles my ears like the hot water rinse at the hairdressers. They are really really good live too. They always put on a high energy big sexy show. 

Potion – Hallucination Rites

Potion are the most underrated metal band in Australia. They are so good. We saw them play Blacken Festival in NT and I couldn’t believe how tight they were.

This song in particular is one of my favourites. It’s such a journey. It literally starts with “This hopeless journey never ends”. It’s thick, it’s heavy and its headbanging. Slow doomy metal. I love it. The vocals are tough and evil.

There is a skitz instrumental intro that goes for 2 minutes filled with heavy guitars and drum fills and an eerie scratchy slide that bring in the vocals. I love the riff change for the chorus.

They are so good at keeping the entirety of the song interesting. They change it up again at around 4 minutes with the sickest riff and solo. Nonstop journey.

Feels like youve been to hell and back and slayed the devil whilst riding a dragon. It’s badass. They change the riff again in the outro and it’s the most powerful one. They always have the sickest art too.


Turnstile – Generator
Silverchair – Spawn (Again)
Full Flower Moon Band – Hurt Nobody
Black Sabbath – War Pigs
Potion – Hallucination Rites
Rage Against The MachineGuerrilla Radio
These New South WhalesChanges
Trapped Under Ice – Pleased to Meet You
Angel Du$t – Toxic Boombox
Speed – We See U
The SmithsWhat Difference Does It Make?
Show Me the Body – Madonna Rocket
Crass – Big a Little A
ShitKid – Alright
Amyl and The SniffersWestgate
Ty SegallRotten to the Core
SLIFT – Ummon
Helmet – Milquetoast
Toadus – Big Steels