Post Malone, Dua Lipa & Turnstile team up for a hectic beer pong game

Filmed backstage at a festival, Post Malone, Dua Lipa and Turnstile team up for a legendary beer pong match, and it’s an absolute vibe!

In a viral TikTok video posted two days ago by Post Malone, a legendary squad of celebs, including Dua Lipa and Turnstile, can be seen playing the most chaotic and fun game of beer pong that’s ever taken place.

Gathered backstage at a festival, the dream team are seen cheering Posty on, as the legendary Circles singer effortlessly slam-dunks ping pong balls into an array of red party cups, whilst smoking a ciggie, and claims the championship title for the night.

beer pong
Credit: Pinterest

Of course, the viral clip of this iconic game played by the unexpected trio has now generated 3.9 million views, over 500K likes, and thousands of social media reactions by fans worldwide. Just like us, they wish they could have somehow been there for this absolute VIBE of a night!!

“Turnstile, Dua Lipa and Post Malone all playing beer pong together is pretty much everything,” wrote one person on Twitter.


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♬ I Like You (A Happier Song) – Post Malone

Another fan Tweeted, “I will be spending my weekend trying to recreate the vibe of Turnstile, Dua Lipa, and Post Malone playing beer pong together. There is currently no space for any other vibe in my life.”

Honestly, we feel the same way! In an ideal world, Post Malone, Dua Lipa and Turnstile would hang out every weekend and film iconic videos like this, so that we could peer into their behind-the-scenes lives, and live vicariously through them. Who’s planning on recreating this vibe next weekend with their mates? Cause we certainly are.