PREMIERE: C O L T S deliver a powerful new video for January

With their spacious, driving, and reflective indie-rock sounds, Brisbane-based quintet C O L T S are masters in evoking emotions. So, before you dive into their new video for January, be prepared: this one’s going to it you right in the feels.

c o l t s colts january video

January, the new video from Brissie five-piece, is provocative, eye-opening and inspiring; illustrating the impact our words can have.

C O L T S are a force for good in a world that can be, at times, swallowed by darkness. The mission statement that drives this Brissie group is to shed light on some of the darkest aspects of humanity, as shown in this illuminating new video.

Every member of C O L T S has their own story to tell. In coming together from their diverse musical backgrounds, the group are embarking on an epic sonic journey together, drawing on each other’s experiences and strengths to create something truly special.

January is a rhythmic, energetic, and atmospheric number combining elements of dream-pop with indie-rock to create a beautiful wall of sound. The hyperemotional tune will break down your emotional guards, allowing all your thoughts and feelings flood out.

The video for January captivates you in a charm like fashion so you can’t look away. Its simple yet powerful message is conveyed so purely that it hits right in the heartstrings.

Visually, C O L T S convey the power, both good and evil, that words hold over us, and how support and positivity can be a prevailing force. It also depicts the damage that negativity and slanders have on us, further reiterating the significance of our words.

January is the first instalment of their twelve-part Calendar Collective series, with each instalment pairing a poem with a month of the year.

The band will be launching the release on April 5 at Brisbane’s Greaser Bar, with full details available on their Facebook page. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and watch the new video for January above.