PREMIERE: Cool boys The Stiffys’ Art Rock One is a great job

Our favourite coolboys are back with an art rock record they made after a couple of drinks. Loaded with catchy loud tunes that make you want to do kickflips, The Stiffys’ third EP Art Rock One is a great time for everybody.

The Stiffys art rock one

Everybody’s favourite cool boys The Stiffys are back with Art Rock One. Fuelled by Passion Pop and the genuine love of ladies, they’re at their manic best.

Always up for having a nice time, the Melbourne art rock duo have been busy boys over the past year. Taking their passion pop and boogie boards to the Big Day Out, Festival Of The Sun and Valley Fiesta, and doing some kickflips with fellow coolboys The Beards and The Snowdroppers, these boys have been busy drinking and playing all over Australia. Now, hanging up their shiny sailor suits, The Stiffys are decked out in shiny space suits and ready to take us on their latest EP’s epic space adventures.

Lifting off with King of the Internet, the space boys surf the world wide web on their boogie boards. Mixing lots of energy drinks with experimental art rock sounds, this track is their most explosive yet. Raging guitar riffs and a rollicking beat, this anthem activates the record’s cosmic hard rock vibes. Transforming into corporate astronaut boys, Office Boy hurls into the hard-hitting drums before the chorus unleashes a raucous blast of guitar thrashing and jokes.

After an interlude of ladies loving The Stiffys (a genuine recording), the boys break it down in Space Blog. Zooming past asteroid-sized guitar lines, we listen to Jason and Adam’s diary entries recounting their time in space with nothing but drinks and dunkaroos. As they shout, “EVERYBODY’S IN SPACE!” they set off a fireball of fuzz and choir of groovy harmonies, and there are high fives all round.

Kicking lots of flips, Kick Another Flip is a song about impressing the ladies. A cocktail of rowdy noises, this single tears into art rock like nobody’s business. Keeping along those lines, Kissy Kissy is a sobering song about kissing girls and how great our boys are at doing it. Flying through space one final time, this tune bursts into a bass-injected cosmic rock anthem, and is clearly on a mission to have a great time with everybody.

While these fancy boys might be a bit too fancy for some, if you love hard rock that’s full of messages about believing in yourself then you’ll love their latest EP. Jam-packed with catchy, hard-hitting grooves, they’re the funnest art rock tunes made after a couple of drinks ever. With Art Rock One out Thursday September 10, (that’s today people!!!!), these coolboys are going to be kicking flips on their national tour starting this Friday at Ric’s Big Backyard Bigsound Blow Out party. GREAT JOB THE STIFFYS. GREAT JOB EVERYBODY. STAY FASHION.

Exit left to your nearest Art Rock One event:

Friday September 11 – Ric’s Cafe, Brisbane
Saturday September 12 – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
Friday September 18 – The Loft, Warrnamb0ol
Saturday September 19 – The Exeter, Beer Garden, Adelaide
Thursday September 24- Phoenix Bar, Canberra
Friday September 25 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Saturday September 26 – The Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle
Thursday October 1 – The Tote Hotel, Melbourne