PREMIERE: Cut loose to the 70s soul version of Sex On Toast’s first single Takin’ Over, erotically re-imagined by Sex On Toast

Sex On Toast have been making a pretty strange impact on my life as of late. A few months ago my editor urged me to write a piece on the video for a track called Oh! Loretta by a band called Sex On Toast. I had a chuckle, the name was good. But from there, things became pretty confusing. The video opened with Molly Meldrum sitting on a couch introducing the song with his dog Ziggy before kicking into one of the best displays of 70s-inspired manic frivolity ever to grace my screen. The track itself was pure early-80s cheese, sex-driven, funk-addled and sax-laced; half tongue-in-cheek and 100% incredible.

Both wormed their way into my brain and nestled there like a parasite, sucking away all resistance and before I knew it I’d listened to close to 50 times, eventually taking it home and forcing my girlfriend to like it too, and she did. How could you not? The band nail everything, the musicianship, their look, and fuck, they got Molly Meldrum on board. By all accounts they tore it up at BIGSOUND last week too. If these guys aren’t on your radar, you need stop and listen.

Sex on Toast post

Sex On Toast grace us with their re-imagining of an earlier single Takin’ Over, trading up the mid-80s Gloria Estefan vibes of the original for a much sexier 70s soul feel.

Today we have a sneaky B-side from the Oh Loretta! single for you to feast on: a rearrangement of the band’s first single from back in 2013, Takin’ Over. Harkening back to the super slick production of studio releases from the late 70s and early 80s, the track is all back-beat soul mating with Latin-tinged rhythms. The track isn’t a remix so much a re-imagining, taking their earlier work and redressing it in the style of their forthcoming EP Ready – the first from a two-part EP series called Rough & Ready.

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Takin’ Over (Ricky Version) trades the manic mid-80s Gloria Estefan pace of the original for a much groovier feel. Barreling though a sweaty jungle of vintage keys and bawling horns, the track swings between camp disco and macho soul before dropping into a brilliant breakdown featuring a demented George Benson guitar solo and a triumphant horn section.

The reworking solidifies a candid change in direction for Sex On Toast, following the footsteps of Oh Loretta! in taking a much bigger, bolder approach towards their music. It’s undeniably attractive stuff, even if you’re not quite sure why. Few others are doing stuff like this these days, and even fewer with such attention to detail and irrevocable skill and purpose.

Ready is set for release next year. If you haven’t already seen the video for Oh Loretta!, do yourself a favour.