PREMIERE: Take the most melancholy bike ride of your life with Stockley in Fishing Trip

Say goodbye to the hustle and bustle because Sydney six-piece Stockley are about to take you somewhere special. Introducing us to their wistful brand of indie folk, their debut single Fishing Trip will whisk you away to pretty places awash with warmth and melancholy. Cosy and familiar, their music feels like home.

Stockley Fishing Trip

Take a charming ride of tender harmonies and warm melodies in Stockley’s debut single Fishing Trip. Never has a bike ride felt so sweet.

All from the same family, the six Stockley’s are ready to carve out a name for themselves. Having their first tune, Fishing Trip, played on the triple J airwaves just a few days ago, they’ve since been deemed as “pretty special,” and it’s not hard to see why. Recorded in Cairns and produced by Mark Myers (The Middle East), their debut single is soaked in a fresh kind of nostalgia, one that’s delicate but also powerful. And now, with the release of a lovely accompanying video clip, this band just continues to charm.

Directed by Tom Judd, the clip takes us on a nighttime bike ride through a suburban park and tells a surprisingly sad tale about two friends and their fishing trip. Opening with one Stockley casually riding into the darkness, the cosy vibes instantly blanket you in their warmth and make you feel at home. Oozing vocals as sweet as homemade lemonade, the humble tune’s first line hits hard: “My friend is sick, he’s only told me; he’s got a wife, a big family.” Tugging at your heartstrings, these heavy lyrics sink in and set the song’s gorgeously wistful tone.

A few more Stockley’s ride in on their bikes as the gentle guitar strumming hastens. Pouring a round of cordial harmonies amidst the sweet folk melody, they tell us that the two friends are going on a fishing trip. As the mellow drum beat trickles in, another Stockley clears the path for the delicate instrumental to swell. Warm as toast vocals smeared in simplicity then cry out, “We sing together: I want a big family; A house that’s surrounded by trees; A bath outside, children by my side; I want a big family.” Melting into a chorus of violins, you are wholeheartedly captured by the tune’s emotional depth about what friendship really means.

Taking your emotions for a ride, when we hear that, “My friend has left, he won’t return now; he’ll never meet my friends or children,” your heart just about breaks in two. It leaves a lasting impression long after the final Stockley gets off his bike and disappears into the shadows of suburbia. Fishing Trip is definitely a pretty special song. With this gorgeous debut single out today, I’m sure it’ll be the first of many charming tunes we’ll hear from this band.

The single is available to download from iTunes, click the link below to get those soothing sounds.