PREMIERE: Desire, loss, and loves tender touch is on Josh Rawiri’s mind in new rainy and intimate video for My Call

Josh Rawiri is a troubadour with soul, and class. As a guitarist he takes the less is more route, drawing emotion, and a subtle screechin’ tone from the six strings before him, and his latest track My Call is no exemption.

Blurring the lines between bluesman, and soul man, Rawiri has cemented his status as a love man, a sensitive spirit who tears through songs with a promising desire, and a burning sense of truth. Josh Rawiri is the blues in updated form.

Josh Rawiri

Josh Rawiri takes us on a journey through the life of a loved up, loveless, and longing musician in new single, and video My Call.

My Call is opened with some light strumming, and brought to a proper welcome with the unobtrusive sound of Reese Wynans style keys. This entire affair is SRV and Double Trouble minus the gut-wrenching, be all and end all intensity.

This is the slowed down, heart poured into cousin, and it elucidates a stack full of varying textures, and emotions.

This is a song about long distance lovin’. Yearning for love’s sweet touch, and the struggle to maintain it whilst on the road. Rawiri, along with director Tyge Landa, and editor Bryce Gage, capture the themes seamlessly in the accompanying music video.

At the start of the clip, Rawiri is seen staring out of a fogged up, and dreary airport window, then as he croons “Another late night, another early morning, wondering the streets, looking for love” he’s seen in a bright, shadow filled room. Just him, his guitar, and his lyricism making one bold, and intimate statement.

Between shots of airplanes, on stage and in studio moments, and the quiet reality that eventuates in the interim, this is a depiction of what being, and dating as a musician is like. Lonely, filled with longing, and a shit tonne of hard yakka.

Alongside the resonating keys, the highlight of this poignant track is the short guitar solo that plays out in the midst. The song is taken to delectable heights, and it’s as though the frustrations are flowing through, and dripping off the instrument.

This is an intimate track for the blues lover, the rock ‘n roll heart, and anyone who appreciates a fine slice of music, film, and a good Dan Electro. Soak it up, and hit replay.