PREMIERE: Eddie Boyd is Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stoned in hilarious new video that sees jealously get the best of him

Sydney-based blues rock lord, Eddie Boyd, is premiering his new video for single Stoned with us today and, really, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Released a little over a month ago, Stoned is a soaring, intricate track that journeys from quiet, introspective instrumentals to thundering, cavernous melodies in a heartbeat, and then back again. Exploring the all too relatable subject of being jealous of someone else’s success, Stoned’s thoughtful lyrics beautifully capture an ugly, tragic side of our human nature, and stands as a testament to the songwriting skill at play here.

Eddie Boyd

Eddie Boyd gets down with the truth, and takes Harry Potter to a dark new level, in hilarious new video for Stoned.

The brilliant piece of film for Stoned, directed by Eddie and shot + edited by co-conspirators, Nick McKinlay and Ro Miles, is a telling insight into the world of both Harry Potter enthusiasts and those jealous of others’ success, a la Ron Weasley.

Now, while not all of us fall into the hardcore Harry Potter enthusiast category (ie. reserving your future child’s name as either Dumbledore or Hagrid regardless of the child’s gender), all of us definitely fall into the jealous-because-someone-has-it-better category. We’re flawed, unstable, emotionally-driven human beings who have been taught that achievement is measure against your peers rather than yourself.

We find our hero, in this case not the hero we want but the one we’ve got, seated at the head of a table at a small-time annual Harry Potter Society convention held in someones mum’s dining room. As the evening progresses, and the wine starts to flow freely, one of the Harry Potter cult leaders announces the annual winner.

And, unfortunately for our new pal Eddie, it’s given to (in real life) bassist Sandy Clarke, who’s besotted with the wand he receives along with the trophy and adoration of the rest of the society’s members. We’re not sure what the award is for, but it’s certainly not costume design (spoken in my best Snape impression).

As Boyd begins to lose the plot completely, stuffing his face full of cake and wine, telling everyone (including someone’s mum) to get fucked, there’s a connection between viewer, songwriter and character.

While it’s tongue-in-cheek hilarity strikes a chord on a superficial level, what really occurs beneath the surface is an unconscious recognition that we’re all really horrible human beings and no matter how proud we are of our friends and peers, we’re all prone to jealousy. There’s more truth to this joke than you may realise at first.

Before you find yourself in a self-pity spiral, watch this video, go check out Eddie Boyd and remember to tell someone you love them.

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