Premiere: Eileen Torrez reaches for the heavens in new single and music video for ‘Stars’

Every bit as celestial as its title suggests, Stars is the shimmering second single from Eileen Torrez’s upcoming album, Water + Salt. 

Eileen Torrez has released Stars, the second single to be lifted from singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album, Water + Salt. A celestial snapshot of new love, Stars opens with twinkling piano keys and the strum of a finger picked guitar.

Coasting on a mellow bassline, the single forefronts Torrez’s rich and textured vocals, complete with sauntering R&B runs and backing harmonies so ascendent they might reach the heavens . 

Eileen Torrez single 'Stars'

Every bit as luminous as its title suggests, Stars features decorative chords and the kind of neo-soul groove you might hear on an album from Jill Scott or Anthony Hamilton. Matching the track’s harmonic rhythm with equally uplifting lyrics, Torrez sings of a redemptive and trusting romance. “You returned my faith to me,” she gleefully croons, “And I never will wonder why again I am complete.” 

Speaking of Stars’ message in a press statement, Torrez said “the song captures that core feeling of finding someone who heals you, who seems to cure all the ills in your life.” Elaborating on the track’s subject, Torrez said Stars is a “foundation for new love,” and urged listeners to find someone who “make[s] you feel all of the ways written in the song.” The single is accompanied by a music video, which was directed by George S. Rosenthal. 

The clip follows Torrez as she sings under the starlight. In the glimmer of ultraviolet light, Torrez joins her friends in sketching glow in the dark doodles of stars, galaxies and rockets, which later illuminate as she wields her guitar for the final chorus. Elsewhere, Torrez steals the spotlight with a solo performance interspersed throughout the clip. 

Stars is the second preview of Torrez’s forthcoming sophomore effort, Water + Salt. Said to include traces of country, aughties pop and alt-rock, the project will serve as a follow up to Torrez’s 2016 debut Honey + Zest. “This album is about trying to find myself while grappling with all the darkness in the world,” the Oakland-based artist said. There is a lot of love and elevation at the core of every song.” The album’s lead single, The Kind, arrived in March. 

Watch the exclusive Happy Mag premiere of Eileen Torrez’ Stars music video above and wrap your earholes around an early listen below: