PREMIERE: Fleeting Persuasion delivers classic alt-rock brilliance on ‘Caught’

After spending several years releasing solo material, Melbourne musician James Spencer Harrison saw his creative exploits heading towards a more fleshed-out aesthetic. His last full-length release, 2017’s Traced Out signalled the impending transition towards the rich sound of a full band.

The change in sound also warranted a change in name. Consequently, Fleeting Persuasion emerged. After the 2019 debut LP, Forever Caught, Fleeting Persuasion consolidated Harrison as a recognised mainstay of Melbourne’s music scene.

Fleeting Persuasion, the brainchild of Melbourne’s James Spencer Harris, has released a video for new single, Caught. It’s a classic blend of alt-rock and shoegaze.

Following the first single, Shaken, Fleeting Persuasion has unveiled the next selection from Forever Caught, the appropriately named, Caught.

Blending driving elements of alt-rock and the immersive atmosphere of shoegaze, Caught signifies a successful venture into new arrangement styles for Harrison. The track’s verse is marked by a dark, lush and hypnotic repetition underlying Harrison’s gritty vocal. Chorus-laden guitars and a rolling drum groove drive things forward before shifting gears into a bombastic, double-time crescendo.

Lyrically, Caught is a gripping exploration of regret and persistent unease. These themes fit the dense and murky sounds like a glove, implying a place of near-impossible escape. Likewise, the song’s video clip includes imagery that encapsulates those feelings. It features Harrison traversing various desolate landscapes, producing a tangible sense of isolation.

You can watch the video for Caught below. Meanwhile, you can head over here to purchase the LP, Forever Caught.