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PREMIERE: Folk revival, lulling melodies and soul-baring lyricism: you’ll find it all in Father, the latest from Krista Polvere

Whoever came up with the idea of genres was both a genius and a pain in the ass. As useful as it is to be able to convey a sense of music with just one word, too often to pick just one is pretty much impossible. The fact is, one genre often fails to do justice to most music today.

Luckily, it seems that Krista Polvere hasn’t yet been assigned an unwieldy sub-genre despite the rich range of influences that are woven throughout her music. The Melbourne based singer/songwriter, who is about to release her third, self titled album, unveils a melding of her folk roots, a heart on her sleeve, and rolling American landscapes in her new single Father.

krista polvere

The product of heartfelt exploration and assertive energy, Polvere’s honest Americana in Father feels refreshingly genuine.

Polvere’s musical career has been consistently accented by a fascination with America and it’s music scenes. Particularly focused on Bob Dylan and the folk music revival of New York City, her debut records were born out the time she spent in the US.

Polvere has garnered both praise and attention through her uncompromising and honest style. After featuring on her first album, Here Be Dragons, Ryan Adams backed Polvere as ‘the next big thing’, describing the record as both intricate and powerful.

With less of the confessional, the honesty in Polvere’s writing is more apparent in the actual sound and composition of her music. Thoughtful lyrics are evocative and musing, rather than being outright narratives or pseudo soul-baring. And although her songs gather together the threads of so many different musical influences, the overall impression is one of an artist simply sticking to her guns.

The metaphor of a loom weaving the fabric of life is an old one, but Polvere seems to incorporate her inspirations just as subtly and simply. Rather than cherry picking the elements that appeal, threads of folk, pop, Americana and coastal rock are woven into the fabric of the music.

Father continues in this same vein, an almost hypnotic track with lulling melodies grounded in steady, rolling beats. The assertive energy of rock is still rooted in country tinged, folk melodies and structures. Both the continuous pace and the guitar that floods through the chorus conjures up the feel of American open roads.

Open hearted lyrics and nominal biblical references nod to country radio in the Southern States, and low pitched vocals echo a nostalgia for artists like Sheryl Crow.

Written over a period that saw Polvere living in Virginia with her producer and then partner, Bryan Elijah Smith, the collaboration was unavoidably emotional as well as creative.

“There is a story within it all that makes this album even more intense and special” according to Polvere, “You may hear it all coming through the songs, through my voice. The producer and instrumentalist on the album was my lover at the time. When I listen to the record now I can hear the ghosts of our love and the listener may too”.

Father sets Polvere forward with her sound, holding onto the self-driven style of writing that has marked her career so far. Genre spanning, genre defying – Krista Polvere could be described as both, but influence is not the same as definition.

This latest single comes just a month ahead of the release of Krista Polvere, on November 25. The release will also see Polvere embarking on both Australian and international tours.

You can hit up the official album launch at Melbourne’s Ding Dong lounge on December 10.


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October 26, 2016

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