Ryan Adams is releasing his 16th album Prisoner, and it’s so good we think it may stop Trumpageddon

To say Ryan Adams is a prolific writer would be an understatement.

The singer-songwriter has produced 15 hauntingly beautiful studio albums so far, all of which could be used to sooth a broken heart.

He firstly treated us to an unforgettable cover of Radiohead’s Karma Police from their flawless album OK Computer.

Now, in preparation for his 16th LP, Prisoner, coming out on February 17, Adams is back to doing what he does best. Killing it.

Adams told BBC Radio 2 that this impossibly beautiful rendition was inspired by a “pretty awful person”. Hmm, I wonder who that could be?

The lyrics of Karma Police are quite fitting, too. Trump’s Hitler Hairdo is making us all feel ill.

You have to give the maniac some credit, though. The rage Trump has put musicians in has sparked a wave of incredible rebellion tunes. So there’s that to be thankful for…I guess?

On Monday, Adams also released the video to his newest rock ballad Do You Still Love Me? Watch it above.


It’s everything you’d want in a rock song. Power chords, a walking bass, poetic lyrics and a killer guitar solo to boot. The video features a collage of clips from the legend’s last tour and his time in the studio.

Prisoner is out February 17 via Pax-Am or Blue Note.