2017 Grammy Awards: Daft Punk play live for the first time in 3 years and Dave Grohl heads a massive hip-hop supergroup

The 2017 Grammy Awards are looking more and more formidable, with a beastly set of names hitting the ticket as live performers.

It’s hard to tell which is the bigger news here, Daft Punk’s return to live music or a massive, mysterious supergroup joining forces for an unknown performance (but we have some ideas).

2017 grammy awards

Dave Grohl will join Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest at the 2017 Grammy Awards, along with Daft Punk’s triumphant return to the stage.

Daft Punk (who recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut Homework) haven’t played a show live since their performance at the 2014 Grammys, but it seems the recent success of their collaborator The Weeknd has been enough to draw the robots out of The Grid.

Dave Grohl, Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest will also join forces for an unknown performance. Though with Prince’s catalogue coming to streaming services on the same night, we assume some kind of massive tribute is in the works.

Via Music Feeds.