Prince is rolling in his grave as his entire back catalogue comes to streaming services

The late musical icon Prince was a violent opposer to the world of music streaming during his life, and thus his extensive catalogue was never added to Spotify, Google Play or similar services. His music wasn’t completely outside of that world though, with a large part of his discography available exclusively on Tidal.

The music which Prince fiercely protected during his life is now set to become available after his death, with his catalogue going the way of Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and pretty much every other streaming outlet thanks to a deal struck by Warner Bros.


Prince’s gargantuan back catalogue, which he fiercely guarded during his life, is set to become available on the world’s major streaming services.

The Grammy Awards on February 12th will mark the date at which this treasure trove of funk becomes available.

Prince is hardly the first artist to publicly bash the world of streaming, with The Beatles, The Black Keys and countless others voicing their opposition to the newest form of music consumption.

The music which will be added to streaming services does not include the vault of “a century’s worth of unreleased material” discovered at Prince’s estate last year.

Via AV Club.