An “apprehensive” Black Keys finally put their entire discography on Spotify

There are a number of massive international artists who you won’t find on Spotify or other major streaming services. Prince comes to mind, and until recently Radiohead were nowhere to be seen. The Black Keys are also amongst these ranks. Until now.

the black keys spotify

After five years of struggling with the decision, The Black Keys have finally put their entire discography onto Spotify.

In the past, The Black Keys have openly criticised services like Spotify, calling anyone who takes a share in companies like these a “sell out”, as well as YouTube for its prevalence of unauthorised music.

Now the band have caved after “five years of struggling” with the decision to put their music on Spotify. Drummer Pat Carney Tweeted about his apprehension around the agreement:

Previously you could only find a handful of Black Keys records on Spotify, plus a selection of singles. However, their newer hits El Camino and Turn Blue were relegated from the service.

Now you can access their entire discography. Not quite as special as the Christmas gift from the Beatles last year, but still pretty good.

Back in February, Consequence of Sound put together a list of artists who were still holding out from Spotify in one way or another, which included Prince, Taylor Swift, Radiohead, Tool, Dr. Dre, Adele, Neil Young to name a few. Are there any others out there?