Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach “losing sleep” over Steve Miller snub

You know what they say, ‘never meet your heroes’ because they might just disappoint you. These words will ring painfully true to our forever Lonely Boy, Dan Auerbach and bandmate Pat Carney when they inducted their childhood hero, Steve Miller in the rock n’ roll Hall of Fame on Friday.


As the saying goes, ‘never meet your heroes’. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys knows exactly why after being king snubbed by his childhood idol, Steve Miller.

The pair had nothing but praise for the music legend during their induction speech but a recent interview with Rolling Stone tells the harrowing truth of their experience. Miller attracted controversy when he spoke of the music industry recently as a “bunch of fuckin’ gangsters and crooks”. In an utterly heart wrenching turn of events, Auerbach spoke of how Steve Miller didn’t even know who The Black Keys were! What?! Hasn’t he heard Brothers? That shit was fire.

The man himself, responsible for such hits as The Joker among many others, didn’t seem to hate it all that much having pasted his Facebook page with praise for the night but, the Keys seem to have a different view on the matter.

Without a hint of exaggeration, having been severely disappointed with his hero, Auerbach stated he’s even “losing sleep” over the event and the pair regret accepting the invitation to induct Miller in the first place. The multi platinum selling Black Keys are a bunch of legends themselves and were clearly disgruntled at this treatment as they apparently left halfway through Steve Miller’s performance.

There’s nothing more rife in today’s music industry than jaded, grumpy old musicians spouting their washed-up pessimism to the masses and it’s disheartening for some in need of inspiration but, come on guys, you’ll be alright.

First seen at Rolling Stone.