Petition to induct INXS into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame reaches over 10K signatures

An online petition to induct Australian band, INXS into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has picked up steam, so far garnering over 10,000 signatures.  

The petition was created on change.org, and makes a case for INXS’ inclusion in the forthcoming class of Hall of Famers. Organised by the so-called ‘Team Induct INXS’, the petition has attracted 10,750 signees at the time of writing, with a target goal set for 15,000. The team has also established a website devoted to the band’s induction, complete with a mission statement and directory to the petition. 

After many years of amazing music and dynamic ‘live’ performances, it’s time to ensure the legacy of one of the greatest bands in the world,” the petition statement reads. Meanwhile, on the website, Team Induct explains that “a thousand years from now we want people to remember the electrifying performances, genre-bending music and the endless talent that is INXS.” 

INXS. Credit: Paul Natkin/WireImage

Pending their elevation to Hall of Fame status, INXS would mark only the third Australian act on the prestigious inductee list, which is compiled by Rock and Roll museum’s Nominating Committee in Cleveland. In 2003, AC/DC became the first Australian-born band to achieve the honour, in a year where the likes of The Clash and The Police also joined the class. Melbourne-born guitarist Flea achieved the feat as part of the band Red Hot Chilli Peppers, who were inducted in 2012 alongside fellow rockers Guns N’ Roses.

If we were to stretch Australia’s appearance in the Hall of Fame alumni, the Bee Gees’ 1997 induction could constitute a win, given the band’s relocation to the Gold Coast in the 50’s. INXS’ petition comes just days after the 2022 Hall of Fame ceremony, which inducted the likes of Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Eminem. In addition to performing a rock-leaning rendition of her 1974 hit Jolene alongside the band Judas Priest, Parton used the ceremony to reveal that she’s working on a rock album